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    トレードショー名: Indonesia MUM
    参加日: 2017 .10
    ホスト国/地域: ID
    導入: Many customers in this exhibition tried to use our "Tap Coin WiFi" machine and showed great interest on it.
    トレードショー名: China International Self-Service, Kiosk and Vending Show
    参加日: 2017 .4
    ホスト国/地域: CN
    導入: Our "Tap Coin WiFi" machine has attracted many guests in this fair, due to its unique function and operation method.
    トレードショー名: Hong Kong Electronic Fair
    参加日: 2008 .10
    ホスト国/地域: HK
    導入: We presented the wireless payphone, wireless network optimizing solution, and the newly-developed 3G products and interactive whiteboard, which attracted considerable interest of customers.